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Spacer protective goggles

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Optical class of lens 1
Glasses type closed-type with indirect ventilation
Lens material polycarbonate
Ultraviolet (UV) absorption percentage 99%
Metal-free yes


SG-0040K SPACER VISION Protective goggles transparent 2-1.2I1BTK CE-166 349BT VISION (anti-scratch coating) 1 30 3,5 A
SG-0041K SPACER VISION Welding protective spectacles gray 6I1BTK CE-166 349BT VISION (anti-scratch coating) 1 30 3,5 A
SG-0040KN SPACER UltraVISION Protective goggles transparent 2-1.2I1BTKN CE-166 349BT UltraVISION (antifog & anti-scratch coating) 1 30 3,5 A
SG-0041KN SPACER UltraVISION Welding protective spectacles gray 6I1BTKN CE-166 349BT UltraVISION (antifog & anti-scratch coating) 1 30 3,5 A


Indirect ventilation goggles wholesale

During the work related to metal processing, there is always a risk of injury to the eyes by flying parts.To nullify such cases, the worker needs to protect his eyes. The best option for this is indirectly ventilated goggles. INEGVA models have all the qualities to make the work safe and comfortable for the user.

You can buy TM INEGVA goggles with indirect ventilation profitably from the manufacturer directly. And this applies to both the financial aspects of our wholesale customer and its development.

  1. Low price. The cost of a product from a manufacturer, by definition, cannot be high. Therefore, if you need to equip a team of workers or replenish the window of your specialized store, you should buy goggles wholesale at INEGVA TM.
  2. Tested quality. Our company is engaged in the production of eye protection and construction and repair tools, accessories and fasteners. Therefore, we are used to approaching any task with the utmost attention to detail. For this purpose, the INEGVA Company has a quality control department. Only goggles with indirect ventilation that have passed control tests are allowed for sale.
  3. Famous name. Confidence in a product is external for buying accessories for the comfortable and safe work of workers. The INEGVA brand has earned this trust through practice and not through advertising. Therefore, when buying glasses from us, you are sure that you will provide the masters with reliable and durable equipment.

Features of indirect ventilation goggles

We produce protection for workers that will serve for decades. Indirect ventilation Goggles of the INEGVA brand are durable, reliable and comfortable to use. To make them this way, our designers studied many options, took noticed of the wishes and designed our model.

  1. Raw materials. We use durable polycarbonate with high optical properties for goggles. It is not capable of splitting apart or cracking from the ingress of metal shavings. Alternatively, during work on a lathe or a small pebble at a construction site.
  2. Correct design. The indirect ventilation goggles follow the curves of the face. They adhere tightly to the skin with their edge. Air circulates under them, but debris is not allowed to get to the eyes.
  3. Comfort. It is provided not only by the anatomical shape but also by the material of the shutter - special plastic, which is using for medical equipment. It means in places of contact with the skin, not irritate, even with prolonged wear.

Thanks to these points, indirectly ventilated goggles are suitable for frequent and prolonged wear. Their lenses have 1 optical class, which means that there is no distortion and unnecessary stress on the retina and lens of the eyes. Also, the goggles have UV protection while absorbing up to 99% of the light in the UV range.


The products conform to the requirements of EN 62275: 2015, EN50581: 2012.